Mirror Talk

Hey, my beauties! There is something I want you, you women and girls, to start. We live in a society today where it is so hard to accept yourself as the women or the girl you are. There are so many voices around us, especially social media, who tells us how we have to look like. Sometimes they even tell us like we have to act, to behave, to walk, what we should eat, what we should consider cool and what uncool, which actor or actress we should like and so much more. And when it comes to beauty, the way our bodies are made and how we look it gets very personal. It’s personal because our body is the cocoon around our soul. So it should be the place where we can express our soul, ourselves, visually and not beeing judged for it. Because when it comes to the inner part of person there is no right or wrong. There is just acceptance! And I know it’s hard and honestly, I struggle with it too from time to time. Our body is sooooo close to our soul and that’s why it’s the place where we can get hurt so easily. And at least when it comes to beauty you have to tell yourself that you are beautiful. And you have to do this from time to time so you do not forget it! Have a mirror talk. That’s what I want you to start. Place yourself in front of a mirror or just do it when you are brushing your teeth and tell yourself what you consider beautiful on or in you. There have to be at least three things you truly love! And tell it yourself over and over again ;).  Accept yourself, you are beautiful!


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