Where are WE?

Hey, my beautiful women! Where are we when it comes to commercial? What I mean by this is we have those super good looking, hot, skinny models everywhere. From time to time, we do have some more curvy models, they so called “plus size” models. But where are all the others which are obviously the majority of us? And that’s why I use to say us. And I’ve never seen us. Where is the “normal” woman when it comes to commercials? The beautiful woman who has a little belly or cellulite or just don’t look tuned and even nod overwhelmingly beautiful in today standards. Nowhere. And we need to get a realistic view out there! Right? So I think companies need to take the responsibility and support the realism of a woman’s body. But we have to do this too! By not following social trends just because we want to look beautiful in others eyes. Which as we know by now leads to such awful things like anorexia and bulimia. Escapcilly young girls and female teenagers have to fight with it because they don’t have such an established character by then. We need to learn to love our body even it doesn’t look like the one from a typical model. But as I mentioned and what I want to get out there with this post is that we also need the support of brands. Especially of those many of us look up to. I want them to represent us. Which means all kinds of women!

The picture I included in this post I found after searching “skinny and plus size models” and it’s about one of Calvin Kleins latest models. I’m so glad that she spreads the message out there with a well-known brand! This link we’ll lead you to a very good article about what I’ve talked about in this post too more or less. But because it’s an article and not just a post it’s way more precisely. So take spend some of your time reading this article ;)! Hope you’ll have fun reading it!


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  1. Hannapp says:

    Finally someone who says it!