Hockey Tournament

Finished. Let’s go home!

Proud at #44!

Hey, babes. I went running in the snow white park this morning with a friend. We even saw a stork, which is crazy because at this time they normally are in the south. Before I started my day with a nice breakfast. After I went to the hockey tournament from my little brother together with my father. It has been pretty cold and they played outside. It even started snowing. So I spent a lot of time to the restaurant next to the rink where I could still saw him playing and having fun. Sadly they didn’t win. 🙁 But I’m proud of him anyway. He gave everything.;)  For staying warm I also wore my warmest jacket I got from Woolrich and a cozy dark blue warm sweater. Plus I put on my dark blue boots from Tommy Hilfiger. So my look somehow has been all white and dark blue today, haha.


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