Cashew Nut Butter


Good afternoon. Hope you had a good day so far!;) I just wanted to share something with you again, I absolutely love. And yes, it’s about food, haha. It’s super easy to make cashew nut butter. You just need to but cashew nuts in a mixer and start mixing it. If you like to you always can add things like normal, soy or almond milk or water for making it smoother and if you want to take the risk and be experimental you can also add some spices. For example, vanilla, cinnamon, chill or even curry. So you can decide if you want it either salty or sweet. Cashew nuts already have a lot of fat in them so there is no need to add other fats.;) And don’t worry, the fat of cashew nut is really really, really healthy, haha. So I hope you’ll continue having a wonderful day!<3



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