Friends Night Out

Today I had to get a lot of work done because I’m going on holidays. So I was also packing all day long. After that, I had such a nice evening with three of my old friends. We already went to school together years ago and haven’t met each other since then. So we all finally had time for meeting. First, we went to the cinema and I just realized, that the last time I’ve watched a movie there was a year ago, haha. Then we went to a very good restaurant I really love. It’s called Deli and they don’t just have great sushi… And of course, there I ate a lot. But now I really have to get my sleep and it’s already pretty late. Tomorrow I have to get up early. Otherwise, I’ll  miss my flight to Berlin and that wouldn’t be fun at all. So stay tuned!;) Really have to get into bed now… Lots of love!<3


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  1. Carlie says:

    Hope you had fun!
    I’m such a huge fan of yours!❤️

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