Rainy Berlin

Hey, my wonderful. Sorry for posting not anything yesterday. Hope you had a wonderful 1st February. I did. 🙂 As you already might know, I’ve been in Berlin for a few days. Five to be exact. I had such a nice time there. So I wanted to share it with you. On the first day I arrived rather late, so after a little dinner and reading my book, I fell asleep right away. On Monday I got a huge city tour in the car, because it rained, unfortunately. Of course, I saw all the things like the Brandenburgertor, the East Side Gallery/the Berlin Wall, the museum island, Isolde, the Zoo, the parliament buildings and much more. We even found an old photo machine where a friend and I took a lot of hilarious photos of ourselves. Because it really was an old photo machine one, we had to wait five minutes in the coldness until the pictures came out. It has been so overwhelming to drive through the streets of Berlin. You literally see the story of Berlin on its walls. All the amazing gravities on the houses and sometimes you even could still see bullet holes. After this tour, I went to Bikini. That’s a shopping center as you might have guessed. In there are a lot of designer stores from Berlin designers. So it has been very interesting to have a look at that. Last year at the same time, I’ve been in Munich. There it also rained all the time, I just remember. So probably this time of the year is Germany time, haha. Funny, isn’t it? In the evening it even started snowing. But I warmed myself up with a delicious healthy dinner and a heartbreaking movie at my friend’s place.  The next day, Tuesday, I’ve done the same kind of thing, haha. First I did again a tour in the car. This time a very short one where I looked at more lost places of the wonderful Berlin. Then I went shopping in the Alexa shopping center right by the Alexanderplatz/ Alexander Place. And then I went to Bergmannstrasse/Bergmanstreet. It’s a street with many little stores. And I found a lot of very cool things there. For example a super cool second-hand store. Its name is „Pick & Weight“. As you might think by yourself you go there pick some super cool, super unique items and you pay by the weight. It’s so cheap and the clothes are so cool. I really fell in love with this store. And not just with this store, also with the whole concept behind it. I also find it super-duper cool, when you have a shirt and you can think about the story behind it and maybe even, where it has already been. So it’s really worth it to go there when you are in Berlin!;) For dinner, I ate a Falafel. I really love such oriental food. And somehow I missed eating curry sausages. So there is still something for doing the next time. Anyway, a friend of mine and I made us a comfy girl night in front of the television. We watched girly series all night long, haha. Wednesday, the last day I really had time for doing something, so I took some time for myself and just walked around the neighborhood. Checked out some very cute stores there. And then I spent the rest of the day with reading and enjoying Berlin while listening to good music. 🙂 Of course, I had a super delicious dinner again. My friend and I continued watching the series, we had started, haha. And now it’s already Thursday and I had to leave Berlin that noon. I’m really thankful for the nice and intensive time I had in Berlin, meeting new friends, meeting old ones, learning a lot of new things, seeing a lot of new things, smelling a lot of new things, hearing a lot of new things, good conversations, good food and so much more. For now, I have some time for myself again, because my family is spending some days in St. Moritz. Let’s see, if I’ll go there later too… But if I will I won’t post anything about that. Just family time at my aunt’s place there.:) Have some wonderful family time or “yourself time” as well!!!;)


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  1. Chayenne says:

    Hey there!
    Berlin seems to be a beautiful city. I always wanted to visit it some day, but it’s so far away 🙁
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! I really want to go there now 🙂
    Chaychay <3

  2. Ellie says:

    You should!;)
    Especially if you have the luck to meet such wonderful people like I did.:)
    Lots of love!<3

  3. Nada says: