Let’s Fight it Together

Yep. It’s right. Today is national cancer day. Why I’m doing a post about that? Because I know a lot about it? No, honestly I don’t. And that’s why. I think we don’t really know what’s cancer or what it feels like to have it. But I think we should learn what we can do to help those people who are affected by cancer. I’m saying this because I truly hope all of you who read this don’t have to deal with it! But wouldn’t it be boring when I write some kind of a whole article about it? I think so… So I’ll keep it very short for you. People who fight cancer wish that we fight together with them and support them. Especially if it’s a family member going through this we need to learn to accept, love and believe in better times to come. When you are affected by cancer you want to be supported, still accepted by the society and probably treated normally. It isn’t fun when people around someone start doing things they normally wouldn’t do because he or she has cancer. At least that’s what I believe and what I would wish for. Somehow that’s also what humans affected by cancer also would appreciate. And because I don’t just want to claim something I asked friends of mine who sadly are affected by cancer. So thanks to them!


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