Banana Pancakes

These I love. I make and eat them whenever I have bananas at home. Eggs always have to be in every kitchen, so there is never a lack of them. And actually, that’s all you need for making those pancakes. Or omelets, however you want to call them.

They are very good before doing sports, because they aren’t heavy and they contain a lot of protein, fibers, and healthy fruit sugar (fructose) which will energize you.

I usually take two bananas and four eggs. But take as much as you think you need to have! ūüėČ

If you aren’t looking for lactose-free meals you can also add some milk or cream.

So first put the bananas into a bowl and mash them with a fork. Then add the eggs and mix everything together until you can’t differentiate the egg white and the yolk of the eggs. Next step is to take a frying pan and put some fat or oil in it. I usually take one teaspoon of coconut fat¬†and put it in the hot pan on the stove. But again, if you don’t go for lactose-free you can, of course, use butter or something else anyway. But coconut fat gives a very nice flavor to the pancakes. Together with the bananas, it gives me a tropical holiday feeling:-). Now you can put the batter in the pan. Here you can variate between different sizes, forms and the thickness. So I can’t tell how long it will take exactly, but as we all know never walk away from the stove while cooking anyway. So you’ll see it.

As you see it is very very easy, delicious and healthy too! So I hope you’ll like it!

Enjoy your meal and have a nice day! <3




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  1. Ellie says:

    They don’t just look that way!;-)

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