Hot Chocolate without Sugar

Hey, my loves! Just wanted to make a short post about one of the latest things I love. As hardly everyone, and especially as a swiss citizen, I love the taste of chocolate. No matter where. So I tried out to mix chocolate powder which is actually for baking with hot milk = hot chocolate. Why I used chocolate powder for baking and not the famous Ovomaltine from Switzerland? Well, because the chocolate powders which are made for drinking with milk contain a lot of sugar. And actually, I have been surprised by myself, that it tastes so good. Yes, it doesn’t taste sweet and sometimes even a little bit bitter (depends on the chocolate powder you are using). But I don’t like it to be very sweet anyway and bitterness is healthy, haha. A little tip is to mix the chocolate powder and the milk together with a mixer bevor heading it up. That’s because otherwise there will be a lot of little chocolate powder lumps in your milk, and we don’t want that to happen. My favorite one has been the baking chocolate powder from Alnatura (here). So it’s time to enjoy the last official winter month with some cups of hot chocolate and beeing comfortable!;-)


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2 responses to “Hot Chocolate without Sugar”

  1. Chayenne says:

    Mmh, I love a good hot chocolate!
    Sometimes, when I’m really craving for hot chocolate, I melt the chocolate (of course sugar-free ;)) myself, to make it taste better.
    ChayChay <3

  2. Ellie says:

    That’s a pretty good idea, love it!;-)
    Hugs Ellie<3