Timeless with a Watch

Hey, my sweethearts. As you can see I wore this watch quite a lot. It’s so beautiful and timeless. It’s so stylish and it will add up every outfit with a little spice. It comes in every color and you even can change the stripes. And now it’s your time to get 20% off!;-) Just use the code ELENA_AIMEE! Five dollars of every watch will be spent to a cancer research foundation. Isn’t that super cool? So it’s really worth it to buy this help. Not just that you might help others you’ll also do something good for you. I really works with every outfit.;-) I actually got a lot of compliments from my friends on this watch. Here is their online shop. I know it’s a little late to post it here on my blog, because I already posted it on my IG, haha. Have a nice evening, my loves!<3

In collaboration with Barbas and Zacàcari


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