Peanut butter & Choclate spread

Good morning beauties. Just a little thing I wanted to share with you. I’m always looking for healthy but very delicious food. And as you I love stuff like Nutella and peanut butter. But sadly they aren’t healthy at all. At least not always. But here I found two amazing products I love! They are both sugar free and contain a lot of proteins. As you can see I got them from fitness guru. I love their shop and in this box, there has been something else which is really exciting. I’ll soon share that with you too. Of course, I’ll also make soon a post about recepies with these two lovely things.;-) Here is the link for the peanut butter and here for the chocolate spread.;-) Hope I could help you with this! Have a lovley day, XO.



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  1. It sounds delicious! Two of my favourite things in one 😀

  2. Ellie says:

    It is!<3 I love your products, they are sooo good!;-)

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