Peanutbutter Banana Protein Shake


Hey, my loves. Sorry for putting this up that late. I just wanted to show you something very simple you can do with either the chocolate spread or the peanut butter a featured before. In this picture, I used the peanut butter. It’s sooooo yummy!<3 I think everybody knows hot to do that, haha. Milk, bananas and peanut butter or chocolate spread from fitnessguru. Of course other or more fruits ar addable and you also can use almond milk or the very delicious soymilk. But as a swiss, I love to us our very good swiss milk, haha. The almond butter contains a lot of protein, such as the milk and the bananas. But the bananas also will give you some vitamines and healthy fructose, which will anergize you.;-) I love to make that before working out or running. You really have to try that out! Here you can find their shop, where they also have a lot more amazing things.;-) Hope you’ll have a wonderful day!;-)


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