Cape Breton Island

Who said life isn’t wonderful?!

On the road – loved to just drive and cruzing around with the smell of the Atlantic and the calming blue on the right under me the road and on the left a lovely Canadian fir forest.

I saw a moose, haha.

Canda – I love you!

Cute restaurant with amazing cakes in Chéticamp. Right next to Cabot Trail.

My brothers and dad would have loved that! I should have taken the men of my life me, haha.

There where a lot of these on the beach. It was some kind of sad but it looked so beautiful.

The calm before the storm – the beach in front of our cottage

Hey, darlings. What’s up? Hope you had a great week! Here I go with another trip I’ve already done a long time ago. I can’t believe it myself but I’ve actually just been fourteen years old. That has been the first time I flew alone but not the first time I’ve been away in another country on myself for that long. So I guess I handle it pretty well and looking back I’m actually not that surprised that everything went so well. I’ve always been pretty grown up and knew how to carry on responsibility, haha. But anyway, it’s just one of a few trips I’ve done in the summer I’ve been in Canada. In this trip, we, which includes my wonderful and host mother, handsome host daughter, drove on the Cepton Trail which goes around the amazing Cape Breton Island. Cape Breton Island is a half-island on the top of Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia is a little province, in comparison to the others, in the very east of Canada. The people there are so lovely.  Just a little tip: If you are thinking about going to this place then drive on the outside of the road. That means to drive on the side of the Atlantic. So you’ll always have the best view!;-) So you basically drive along the Atlantic and a wonderful national forest. Oh my gosh, I’m soooo in love with this country. Not just this part, which is super wonderful, but the whole entire lovely Canada. I miss it so much. And the wonderful people I met there too! It was such a great opportunity to experience a lot of new things, seeing amazing stuff and building new friendships, especially when you are so young. And if somebody of my beloved Canadian family is reading this: Thank you so, so much! All were so kind and my host mother did a great job showing me Canada. We literally drove from hotel to hotel, haha. I think it isn’t needed to share a lot of details of this trip with you – the pictures speak for themselves, haha. If you want to know more about this trip or you want to have any tips just reach out to me!;-) It’s almost the end of the month so there will be a lot of favorites coming up the next few days. Hope you’ll enjoy them too! I’m looking forward to getting the opportunity to inspire you with these, haha. Have an incredible weekend, my loves!;-)


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  1. Beautiful pics! They made me feel restful already 😀

  2. Madison says:

    Looks like a fun trip!

  3. Ellie says:

    OH YEAH, it was!!!<3