Bath Pralines

Hey, my sweethearts! Soon is mothers day (14th of May). Yeah, that’s pretty soon. But better soon than late, haha. But isn’t there a better day for showing your mom that you are so thankful for what she has done for you und the uncontainable love she always gave and will give you?! So I yelled at my brothers for creating something special for our mom. Psst… So I had the idea of making bath pralines on our own. There is nothing more beautiful than making something personal. And let’s be honest. Hasn’t your mom deserved a chance lean back and relax with a nice bath too? That’s why I wanted to share with you how to make them by your own like easy peasy. And as always it is very important to me to rely on natural and eco-friendly products. So let’s make it ;-):

  • 200g Soda
  • 100g Citric acid
  • 50g Corn starch
  • 50g Cocoa butter or Coconut oil
  • 10g Fragrance oil or Essential oil
  • Glitter and Food coloring for decorating

So first start with all the powdery ingredients, put them in a bowl and mix them. Meanwhile but the cocoa butter or coconut oil in a weather bath until it’s melted. But be careful and keep in mind that the butter or oil can get flaky if it’s too hot. I recommend to keep it at 30 degrees. But the essential oil or oils, you can be experimental and mix different flavors together, in the melted fat. Now you can mix this together with the powders. You should be able now to knit it like a dough. Now you can spice your creation with unique coloring and glitter. For the shapes, you can either use your hands, cookie cutters or silicone molds. Silicone molds are the once I usually use. Mostly those who you use for making ice cubes, haha. If you use silicon molds make sure to press the mixture into it. Now you have to store them on a save, cold and dry place and let them rest for one day. Sometimes it even works when you let it rest overnight. If you do the bath pralines in silicone molds it’s better if you put them in the refrigerator for about a half an hour first, so, later on, it will be easier to take them out. After put them on a cold and dry place too. Actually, I don’t know if you also call them bath praline in English, but that’s what we call them here. Anyway, now it’s your turn to create something special for your best mother of the world!;-)


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  1. sofia says:

    Ser så gott ut! //Sofia

  2. Ellie says:

    Hey Sofia
    I hope you’ll have enough time for enjoy doing them!;-)
    Lots of love<3