Waitress Outfit

Shoes (here), pants (here), blouse (here), Backpack (here)

Enjoying the smell of rain in the air…<3

Good morning my loves. Have you ever been confronted for wearing the right thing for working? Well, I did so. I’ve you work part time in a shop or as a waitress you mostly have to wear certain things. Black pants and black or white blouse. But even if it sounds simple, it might be harder as you might think. When I work as I waitress I try to wear something which is comfortable, simple, formal, elegant, not too hot but at the same time not to revealingly. So it perfectly matches my style. And there is the problem with the bag. Because you might just go to work for a few hours you don’t really need your huge purse but you still need something to store your phone or ticket. So just something tiny, and cute, haha. And this look is just perfect.<3 Actually the setting is the park of the castle you might spot in the background from time to time is the one I worked as a waitress from time to time. You’ll never stop working as a student… So I hope this post helped you to feel comfortable and find the perfect clothes and outfit for your “student work” too!;-)

Here is again a summary of the clothes, after all these pictures, haha. Just click on them!;-)

Blouse, bag backshoes & pants


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  1. Ellie says:

    Thanks, Lorraine!:-))

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