Hockey Weekend

In the future I’ll have to watch him on the ice, haha.

Let’s go!

On the road…

Hey, guys! Here we go with another late post. I’ve been bizzy all weekend with hockey, haha. Basically that included a lot of car drving. But I guess that what it’s like when you are the daughter of a hockey fanatic and a sister of a little handsome hockey player. At least on the weekends, you live on the road, haha. We drove from one end form Switzerland to the other. It was really nice and we always had a super beautiful view. Most of the mountains. And it was so fun to exchange music favorites with my father. But driving in a car and not moving for a long time gets me really tired. We started off early in the morning on Saturday and now it’s Sunday night… First we went to Davos. On the way there we made a stop at the Designer Outlet in Landquart. In Davos, we went up on the mountain enjoyed the sun and the snow with a huge cup of coffee. Then we went to the hotel and then right to a cute restaurant in the center of Davos. There I had a very delicious green curry, yummy. Then the hockey game was next, of course. It was sooooo much fun! I enjoyed standing in the fan crowd right next to the rink. We feared, hoped, laughed, jumped, clapped, sang and screamed together. I was full in the whole time, which turned out as a not so good idea, haha. Now my throat is hurting. On the way back from the stadium we spotted a two deer in the forest next to the road. It was so overwhelming! I also have been pretty late already and the full moon was out a lighted up the mountains! So, so beautiful! I didn’t stop screaming this day. This time for my brother, haha. It wouldn’t have been a hockey weekend if you wouldn’t have done this both days, right? So today we were in Zurich on the Hockeygame of my brother. It sarted very lat in the evning. So we spent the morning in Davos and ate dinner in Zurich and walked along the river. Little tip: Wear high heels! They aren’t just called “high” for no reason, haha. They are so useful to watch over a crowd.;-) I hope this post didn’t bother you. Especially if you don’t like hockey. But this is another huge part of my life too! So I wanted to share it with you. Just let a comment down below, what you would like to see.;-) I wish you a wonderful start in a new week for tomorrow!<3


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  1. Haha I’m very short so I might need stilts over just high heels to see over a crowd! 😛

  2. Ellie says:

    Why not?!
    Would be very unique!;-)

  3. Dianne Tho says:

    Awww, it’s so great that u had a dynamic and fun weekend!:)
    I wish you also a happy week!

  4. Ellie says:

    Thanks, Dianne!
    I wish you a super wonderful week too!;-)

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