Swiss Cowgirl

I guess there is no more to say, then I’m swiss and that I like watching western and love hearing country. I never would be the person who buys a cowboy or cowgirl hat for fun. I bought this one in Canada. Because it was sunny, I haven’t had a hat and I felt like ruling the world, haha. And now I just found it again in my closet. And I think it’s a super cool thing to wear in the summer. Especially if you combine it right. And as always nothing can go wrong with a pair of jeans and boots or heels.;-) A basic black shirt and a jeans jacket also work. Always. At least on a daily basis… So I guess everyone owns these pieces. So now you are ready to go out and rule the world like a Cowgirl or Cowwoman! Also if you don’t wear such a cool hat!;-)


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  1. sofia says:

    Good morning from Zurich 🙂 This looks absolutely lovely, and I hope you can enjoy some sunshine where you are. I am writing a blog on lifestyle and interior if you need some inspiration. Hugs from me, //Sofia

  2. Ellie says:

    Hey Sofia
    That’s lovely, thanks a lot!<3
    Have a wonderful day filled with sunshine too!;-)

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