Weekend Toilet Bag

Am I the only one who hates it to pack a whole bottle of shampoo or perfume for just one weekend or some days? So I wanted to share with you what I granted as necessary for taking with me. I’m not really a makeup person, I don’t even now how it works, haha. So I just take mascara and eye makeup with me. The only mascara I wear is brown one because I think it looks more natural. I just use the makeup when it really has been a long night and I haven’t got enough sleep at all. So I just put it under my eyes and try to make my zombie look to appear. And I always need a moisturizing cream. I apply it when I get up and in the evening when I go to bed. And of course, some body oil to keep the rest of my skin smooth too. But those things like shampoo and body oil I just take with me if they aren’t any in the hotel. So check that out before!;-) I’m always looking for little exemplars. So you’ll have less to carry on.;-) Sometimes you’ll just spot them for free as you know. But there are also some stores offering exemplars to, so I’ll usually searching for them there. Because that’s also the way I and still take the products with me I normally use and my body is used too. And as mentioned I always need to have a perfume around me. Not just for smelling good I las love to apply perfume for bringing some freshness. And yes, of course, I’ll also have such things as a tooth brush, tooth paste and hair ties.;-) I’ll make a summarization and at the same time I’ll link the products I usually use/wear/apply.;-)



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