Workout Spring 2017 Top 5

Before I’ll share my monthly favorites and the top 5 of an artist I like I’ll go with sharing my latest favorite workout songs that pushed me to my best. Honestly, I’m not a good athlete at all when I don’t have the right music. The right music is always able to push me to the limit. And here is the music that made me sweat the last few weeks, haha. Actually, the first two ones in the list are songs of my all time favorites. I would feel so pleased if you like them to. And if they have a positive impact on your sport activities.;-)


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3 responses to “Workout Spring 2017 Top 5”

  1. sofia says:

    Härliga och inspirerande låtar, njut av dagen! Kram från Zurich //Sofia

  2. Ellie says:

    Tack, tack!
    Njuta av dagen också!;-)
    Kram från Ellie!<3

  3. Haha whenever I read lists like this I realise how stuck in the 80s my music taste is! 😛