March Top 5

Wow. Isn’t that crazy? Already three months passed of this year… I mean that’s one fourth of the whole year! And here we go with my absolutely five favorite songs I discovered and listened to the most this month. Hope they’ll make spring more exciting for you.;-) By the way… You just have to click on the songs or the interpret and it will pop up on iTunes.;-)


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4 responses to “March Top 5”

  1. Skyeina says:

    thx for the recommendations my favourite was either the first one or the second one and btw love the layout of your blog xox

    • Ellie says:

      Hey Skyeina
      That’s cute! Thank you so so much!:-))
      I’m so happy that you found something that you like…
      And by the way: You have a wonderful name!;-)
      Have a nice and relaxing evening!<3
      xoxo, Ellie

  2. I’m going to have to add these to my Spotify to listen to them!

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