Gratitude March

How are you, my lovely readers? I’m good. I just had a great month, again! And I just wanted to remind myself of some little and huger things that happened this month and made my happy. Or not just happy but grateful. I just had a look at my growing through meeting new and exciting people, which became friends very fast. And I had a look at the little moments, that made my more aware of the things that surround me. What are you grateful for this month?

  • Laying down in the sun and reading a book
  • The smile on the face of my little brother when I didn’t find it while playing hide and seek
  • Making new friends in Bern
  • Making new friends in Schottland
  • Eating a looot of good food


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4 responses to “Gratitude March”

  1. antela says:

    I really like it =)
    Kisses Blamod

  2. It’s really the little moments that count! 😀

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