Cold Dog

Yes, it’s cold dog and not a hot dog. But it’s still a thing you can eat. Maybe you have another name for it but that’s just how we call it in the german part of Switzerland and in Germany of course (Swiss German: Chalte Hund, German: Kalter Hund). It’s, as always, so delicious and easy to do. Otherwise, I wouldn’t either, haha. Unfortunately, this cake is just makeable in a version with sugar. I mean of course you can do this anyway but I’m always looking for no sugar added. So I use chocolate without sugar I get from a super store around here. If you don’t now where to buy any sugar-free chocolate which is healthy I’ll soon make a post about making such chocolate on your own too!;) The butter biscuits unfortunately still contain sugar. Hopefully, I’ll once find one without or have time for making them on my own. But anyway, what’s wrong with a cheat day? So let’s bump into it.

  • Chocolate (without sugar)
  • Biscuits
  • Pistache

So the most important part is the most important thing in the world as you might have figured out by now: Chocolate. White, brown, black or all to gether, it doesn’t matter. And then, as mentioned, the butter biscuits. If you want to be experimental you can also use your beloved Oreos. So I start with melting the chocolate. Then I take a cake from and lay one layer of the biscuits on the ground. I put melted chocolate on it and spread it. I put some biscuits on top of that and do it over and over again. Until the form is filled up. And the only thing you have to do then is to put it into the fridge. Again you can do some variations. On sort of variation, you can creat with the colors of the chocolate. So each layer you change. Or if you want to do it like I did it in the picture you shouldn’t put any melted chocolate on top of the las biscuit layer and after taking it out from the fridge you have to cut something off the sides and put it back into the form. And then just put the other colored chocolate over it and of course, it has to go in the fridge again. For a variation in color, it’s also very interesting when you put some citron rasps, ginger rasps or little pistachio pieces on it. On this one in the picture, I also used pistachio. Maybe you even want to try to put some chilly on it. Whatever you’ll do it just adds a nice flavor and makes it look so much better. 😉 You can even mix these flavors and put it in between. It will give you a whole new definition of a cold dog, haha. And after figuring out what works the best for you, as always: Enjoy!;)


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  1. La Caleya says:

    Looks yummy!!!

  2. Ellie says:

    It is! You should try it!;-)

  3. That looks so good!! I want to start baking directly! Xx Susanne

  4. Ellie says:

    Oh yes!<3

  5. YUM!! That looks SO good! 😀