Still Rosé in Spring

Good morning my love. I feel a little dumb to reaped the say the same things over and over again but I’m still amazingly in love with rosé. It’s such a beautiful color and so perfect for the spring. When I think of spring I think about the cherry and the magnolia tree in my garden which both blossom every year so beautiful in these colors. And I’m still in love with these sneakers. I just love velvet and it’s such a cool thing to wear it on your feet. But look at the pants. They are so cool. They ae playful, fresh and at the same time elegant. Absolutely love it! To be honest on the pictures the shoes don’t quite seem to match the color of the flower pattern and the shirt. But that’s because of the light. Don’t know how that happened, haha. The shirt is super nice too. It feels like silk, so nice. So what’s your favorite item in this easy-going everyday outfit?


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25 responses to “Still Rosé in Spring”

  1. Swisstwins says:

    Wow you look amazing<3
    Great Look!!

  2. Tschok says:

    So so in love with this satin sneakers – having a deep crush on them <33

    Love, Tschok

  3. elin says:

    You are so beautiful! Love the colour on the blouse!

  4. Bella says:

    In love with the blouse!

    Hugs Bella

  5. Die Farbe steht dir einfach richtig toll und die Stickerei am Bein ist der Wahnsinn!

    Liebe Grüße

  6. Melanie says:

    Dein Top ist ja richtig Klasse :-#

    Viele liebe Grüße

  7. Nice outfit! and beautiful blog

  8. Your top is so pretty, I love it with those shoes and pants

  9. Jessi Malay says:

    LOVE that embroidered detail on the bottom of your jeans… so chic! <3

    I would LOVE for you to check out my current giveaway!
    XO Jessi

  10. Jessica says:

    This is such a beautiful color. I really love the delicateness of the rose pink in this outfit.


  11. Deal Man says:

    Amazing look with the rose in spring. Lovely hairstyle.

  12. Schuheliebe says:

    Beautiful sneaker <3

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