Björkhult, Sweden

Timmy trying hard to be a model… Good job, buddy!<3

Good morning my loves!<3 Hope you had great holidays so far. I did so.<3 I don’t even know where to start. I went to Sweden very spontaneous. Which is funny because I just started learning Swedish about three months ago, so it was unexpected and perfect. Sweden has always been one of my dream destinations. And I don’t have enough of it yet… I flew to Copenhagen on Monday last week. AirBerlin lost my luggage so I had to wait for two days until it arrived. Well, actually they haven’t even lost it, they’ve just left it in Berlin, haha. From Copenhagen, I continued my voyage to Sweden by train. It was easier to fly to Copenhagen since the place I’m staying at is in the South of Sweden. As you can see Björkhult is in the countryside. It’s in between two little towns. 10km to each side. And a lot of forest around it. Actually, I’m more a city gal but it was nice to come to such a relaxing and calm place. It also gave me the opportunity to work on my blog a lot. So that’s my new and secret blogger-oasis. The couple I’ve stayed at, they are from Switzerland too, have a bed and breakfast here beside their farming. You can check out the website of these two wonderful, and entertainingly people here. Loved that I let me live on salmon sandwiches, haha. Anyway because I’m not a usual guest (I’m never usual, haha!:-P) they also asked me if I want to join them for groceries. Of course, I wanted to because I think it’s a great way to get involved in the everyday life of a country and get to know its people better. We also went to a big market where they bought two new chickens for the morning eggs, haha. I helped a little on the warm. I picked red currants from the garden and hayed for an hour or two. That’s very exhausting and I had two blisters on my right hand, one on my left and two on each foot because I wore too big wellies. All around is forest so I had a nice walk into the forest with the dogs. When you walk long enough you come to a lake. Couldn’t get Timmy and Lotta out of the water. Such cuties! Swedish forests are pretty much defined by ferns, mosses, mushrooms, and a lot of insects (really!!). And of course, I didn’t miss to spot a little, cute Bambi.<3 We also went to an Allsångskväll. That’s a singing event that takes place outside. Artists from the vicinity perform on stage. Everyone gets a little booklet with the songs in it so you can join the singing. Everyone brings their camping chairs, blankets, coffee and something to snack. The wonderful things are that you can see how all generations come together for this event. On stage and in the audience. Beautiful!  By the way, maybe you have noticed that the pictures have a different style to them as usual. I tried to make them look a little bit more retro. How do you like it? I love it!;-)<3 Tomorrow I will be leaving this wonderful place. A place full of sunny hours. And I’m so grateful that I had the chance to be here and spend time with great people!<3 Silvia, Fredy and other guests!<3


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  1. Miriam says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely time in Björkhult (apart from waiting for your luggage) – the nature there looks absolutely stunning and I love the horses!

    Miriam x

  2. Ellie says:

    I love them too! Such beautiful animals!<3

  3. Jennifer says:

    This place looks so relaxing and beautiful.


  4. Melanie says:

    Was für wundervolle Bilder! Ich liebe Tiere und wäre den ganzen Tag nur damit beschäftigt. Das Haus hat eine interessante Architektur :-*


  5. Violette says:

    I’ve never been to Sweden but it looks so lovely and enjoyable! These photos are so pretty!

  6. elin says:

    So many nice pictures! I hope you will have a good time in Sweden!<3

  7. Ellie says:

    Muss mich leider etwas an meinen Blog ranhalten…<3

  8. Ellie says:

    Thank you, Violette!<3
    Bisous, xxx.

  9. Ellie says:

    Thanks, I did so!;-)<3

  10. Kristine says:

    wunderschön <3
    Liebe Grüße

  11. Missy May says:

    Sounds like a good time. Look at all that beautiful nature views. Something so calming about the country side. Love it!

  12. Alifya says:

    Oh your pictures are just beautiful!!! Makes me wanna be there so bad 🙂

  13. What an amazing experience! These pics are incredible. I want to take that little pony home. I totally got the vibe of this place from this post.

  14. Ellie says:


  15. Ellie says:

    Aww. Hopefully, you’ll get the chance sometime…<3

  16. Ellie says:

    Thanks, that’s cool to hear!<3

  17. Bella says:

    So happy you enjoyed your time here in Sweden!

    Hugs, Bella.

  18. Monika says:

    Beautiful place and animals! These horses and dogs are so cute!!! ♥♥

  19. Ellie says:

    It is!:-))

  20. Ellie says:

    Thanks, beautiful!<3

  21. Ellie says:

    They are!:-))<3

  22. Abigail says:

    These photos are so lovely! The little pony is so cute!

  23. Siska says:

    so schön, ich liebe schweden einfach:)

  24. Ellie says:

    Ich auch!<3

  25. Corina says:

    What a beautiful, calm place! It looks like it is an infinite source of energy.

    xo Corina

  26. Erica says:

    I want to visit Sweden so much! All the animals in your photos are so cute 🙂 Spontaneous trip, but sounds like it was a great idea to visit! Also glad you were able to find your luggage. Cheers to more happy experiences xx


  27. Ellie says:

    It was!:-))

  28. Ellie says:

    Hope I have many ahead of me…<3

  29. mihaela says:

    I love this post 🙂 I hope you’re having an amazing day!

  30. paula says:

    What an amazing experience you’ve had! Seems like such a tranquil place and all those cute animals 🙂

    ♥ Paula

  31. Ellie says:

    Thanks, you too!<3

  32. Ellie says:

    That’s right, it was wonderful!;-))

  33. Gail says:

    Everything looks so cute here! I would love to go on a horse ride! SO CUTE!!!

  34. Those horses are beautiful! =o)

  35. Margo says:

    I’ve ben always in love with countryside! Your pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing and remind me about it.


  36. Hemma says:

    Looks so beautiful ( I want to go there too😂) and the dogs are so cute.

  37. Ellie says:

    Thank you very much!<3

  38. Ellie says:

    Danke, meine Hemma!<3

  39. Alifya says:

    Your pics are like a breath of fresh air! 🙂

  40. Ellie says:

    Thank you so much!<3

  41. Gemma says:

    Great pics! Looks amazing there.

    Gemma x

  42. Ellie says:

    Thank you, Gemma!<3

  43. Was für traumhaft schöne Bilder. Mein Vater lebt in Norwegen da sieht es ganz ähnlich aus.

    Liebe Grüße Kristina

  44. The pictures look so beautiful. Nice landscape. x


  45. Ellie says:

    Hey Kristina
    Norwegen, das ist ja toll!<3
    Alles Liebe

  46. Ellie says:

    Thank you, wonderful!<3

  47. Anna says:

    I believe that it’s so cool to live like this. Around nature and you are alone with yourself. What could be better)

  48. Ellie says:

    Yes, that’s exactly what I need from time to time!<3

  49. Lorena says:

    Wow, those pictures are so beautiful, such a breathtaking place and I do know that when pictures are that gorgeous the real thing must be just amaaaazing. Enjoy.

  50. Ellie says:

    Thank you so, so much!<3