Hey there my beauties!

I’m Elena but all my friends call me Ellie. So do you.

I live in the loving wonderful little Switzerland with my cute cat, my funny parents, and my two energized younger brothers.

I love to travel, reading a good book, writing my own stories, listening to music, art, dancing, all kinds of sports, modeling, drinking lots of tea, eating a lot of chocolate, having a nice day with friends, having good discussions, helping other people, learning – yep, this is true and of course blogging.

Because I won’t just write about the sunny sides of life because I think we see enough of it every day on social media platforms. I want and will talk about the “real” and normal life. The life with the sunny and rainy sides of life and the issues especially¬†women have to face nowadays.

Hopefully, you will be excited reading my posts and come on journeys with me and share and support my views.

Lots of love! <3