Hey there my beauties!<3

I’m Elena but all my friends call me Ellie. So do you.

I live in the loving and wonderful little Switzerland with my cute cat.

I love to travel, reading a good book, writing my own stories, listening to music, art, dancing, all kinds of sports, modeling, drinking lots of tea, eating a lot of chocolate, having a nice day with friends, having good discussions, helping other people, learning – yep, this is true and of course blogging.

So I’m a blogger, model, student, a crazy person, girl leader, feminist, positive thinker, hard worker, traveler, dreamer, creator, student of life, lover, granddaughter, daughter, older sister and most important – human.

Because I won’t just write about the sunny sides of life because I think we see enough of it every day on social media platforms. I want and will talk about the “real” and normal life. The life with the sunny and rainy sides of life and the issues especially women have to face nowadays.

Hopefully, you will be excited reading my posts and come on journeys with me and share and support my views.

Lots of love! <3